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BS 148H Lecture 3 - o Ex height Heritability • The slope...

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BS 148H Lecture 3: Microevolution 2 16:31 Note: *Review slides and lecture notes before class, be familiar with specific  studies illustrated in lecture* Microevolution 2 An organism exposes its phenotype not its genotype to the environment Penotypic selection within a generation requires phenotypic variation within  the population Genetic response across generations (evolution of population) requires: a  correlation between genotypes and phenotypes – heritability  Heritability is an estimate of the proportion of phenotypic variation in the  population that results from different genes rather than different environmental  effects Phenotypic variation Within populations is ubiquitous especially for continuous (quantitative) traits
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Unformatted text preview: o Ex) height Heritability • The slope of the linear regression line is one way to estimate heritability • Called regression because offspring are rarely as deviant as their parents their parents; they regress toward the mean • Can predict evolution in the short term if selection and heritability are known but can’t predict it in the long run due to unpredictable variables Expression of genes depends on the environment Having an allele versus expressing an allele • Environment determines what alleles are expressed (transcribed) just because you have an allele doesn’t necessarily mean it is expressed 16:31 16:31...
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BS 148H Lecture 3 - o Ex height Heritability • The slope...

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