BS 148H Lecture 10 - 5-FU is incorporated into RNA(as a...

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BS 148H Lecture 10 16:53 Fungi Fungi Characteristics Are the sister group of animals They share some characteristics with animals such as a chitinous structures  o Fungi have chitinous cell walls, unlike animals Many fungus produce toxins called mycotoxins  Antifungal agents currently attack 1 of 4 targets: o DNA/RNA synthesis o Ergosterol Synthesis Pathway o Ergosterol o -(1,3)-glucan synthase  β Mammalian cell membranes contain primarily cholesterol, ergosterol is the  predominant sterol in many pathogenic fungi Azole antifungals interrupt the conversion of lanosterol to ergosterol (slide 7) Animal cells lack cell walls  DNA and Protein Synthesis
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Unformatted text preview: 5-FU is incorporated into RNA (as a non-functional uracil mimic) where it causes miscoding and halts protein synthesis Fungal Defenses • Secreted Ecp6 is able to bind to chitin oligosaccharides that are released upon degradation of the fungal cell wall and sequester them so that they are not detected by tomato chitin receptors Glomeromycota • About 90% of all plants have such symbiotic partnerships with glomeromycetes Fungal Infections • Antibotics are probably the leading cause of yeast infections o …Upsetting the balance of your “vaginal ecosystem” allowing the yeast to take over 16:53 16:53...
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BS 148H Lecture 10 - 5-FU is incorporated into RNA(as a...

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