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REL 150 Lecture 2 - • Tanak(ID term o Acronym(only T,N,K...

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REL 150 Lecture 2 14:12 Methods of Biblical Study  Intrinsic study  o Studying the meaning of the literature itself apart from anything else  outside of it Extrinsic study o Study of the historical world of the bible that draws on evidence outside of  the bible Canon (ID term) Canon- from a greek word meaning ruler or measure Languages Bible is read majorly in translation and people believe they still receive the full  authority of it in translation (they don’t consider the aspects of it that are lost in  translation) Judaism Hebrew Bible (ID term) o Scholarly term for what jewish people consider their original canon
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Unformatted text preview: • Tanak (ID term) o Acronym (only T,N,K stand for something) T=Torah (means teaching, law or instruction) (ID Term) First part of Tanak (first five books of the Tanak) N=Nevi’im (means prophets) K=Kethuvim (means writings) Last section of Tanak recognized as authoritative or canonical o These books written over a course of 1000 years Biblical Manuscripts (ID term) • None of the original copies of biblical books have survived • 200,000 differences among translated copies of biblical texts • 14:12 14:12...
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