REL 150 Lecture 4 - assumption of the existence of many...

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REL 150 Lecture 4 14:11 Important Places Israel (ID term) o Israelites are the descendants of Abraham o Jacob is renamed Israel  o The name Canaan is renamed Israel  o Later names of this land: Yehud, Judea, Palestine Places and Religion  Areas of Egypt, Canaan, and Mesopotamia are heavy religious centers in the  ancient world  o Egypt and Mesopotamia were the areas of paganism People who practiced paganism were polytheistic (ID term) Polytheism is the worship in many gods which is distinct from belief  in many gods because citizens in those time periods generally  didn’t question the belief of the gods, they were born under the 
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Unformatted text preview: assumption of the existence of many gods Turning Points Ancestors of Canaan are taken into slavery for many centuries in Egypt Moses emerges and removes the Israelites from slavery in Egypt and returns them to Canaan Taken into slavery again and moved to Babylon (Mesopotamia) Bible is made up of biblical books These books are theorized to be made up of various sources woven together based on the evidence of contradictions and inconsistencies throughout the stories o Ex) noah getting on the ark multiple times, inconsistencies in the number of days the Earth flooded 14:11 14:11...
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REL 150 Lecture 4 - assumption of the existence of many...

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