REL 150 Lecture 6 - God • Covenant(berit in Hebrew(ID...

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REL 150 Lecture 6 14:17 Identification Term Practice (cite examples in identifications Manuscript o A handwritten copy that is on an original source, such as an original piece  of paper. The manuscripts have been written with no spaces to preserve  paper. There are over 200,000 inconsistencies between found  manuscripts. The tradition of biblical texts is a bit unstable as we don’t  know exactly what was written.    Genesis chapters 12-20 are referred to as the ancestral narratives o Israelites are given their name in these chapters when Jacob wrestles with  an angel who renames him Israel (which means one who struggles with 
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Unformatted text preview: God) • Covenant (berit in Hebrew) (ID term) o Means treaty, agreement o The first covenant is the one God makes to Abram God gives Abram land where he and his descendants will live. He will make him a great nation (which is a promise of progeny which means many descendants). God will bless Abram which means uninterrupted prosperity. • Journey Chapter 4: Covenant o Themes: Covenant and Exodus Kinds of Law Deuteronomy, a Farewell Address • Circumcision (ID term) o A sign of the covenant of Abraham with God • Aqedah (ID term) o Means binding 14:17 14:17...
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REL 150 Lecture 6 - God • Covenant(berit in Hebrew(ID...

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