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REL 150 Lecture 7 - Abraham Refers to asymmetry of power...

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REL 150 Lecture 7 14:06 Aqedah (ID term) Means “binding” and refers to the binding or tying up of Isaac. It is important  to distinguish that this is not referring to the sacrifice of Isaac. The story is  meant to test the devotion of Abraham to God. Aqedah is a term given by  Hebrew scholars and it is generally referred to as the name of the story Christians interpret this story with more of a focus on the near sacrifice of  Isaac and this is paralleled to the sacrifice of Jesus.  This story is important because it is canonical to two religions: Jews and  Christians Announcement: Talking Point 3 due Thursday                         Read pgs. 99-101 for Thursday The Body and Society Moses: Liberator and Lawgiver o Why did it take so long for God (400 years) to remember his covenant with 
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Unformatted text preview: Abraham? Refers to asymmetry of power among God and his people, that God is the most powerful. o Theophany (ID term) A moment in which a god or deity reveals themselves to a mortal being Ex) God reveals himself to Moses as a burning bush and reveals his proper name to Moses o Pharoah- house of Ra • Passover (ID term) o One of the most important days in the Jewish Calendar. Occurs on the 14 Nisan. It is a day of remembrance for the plague of plagues, and it characterizes the Lord as a warrior who does battle against pagan gods and the Pharaoh • Decalogue (ID term) o Means “ten words or ten statements” which refer to the Ten Commmandments 14:06 14:06...
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