WRA 150 - John Constan Mrs Pritchard Rhetoric 23 November...

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John Constan Mrs. Pritchard Rhetoric 23 November 2008 Hannibal of Carthage and His Campaign To Destroy the Roman Empire I Introduction A. About Hannibal B. Reasons for War II. Main Ideas A. Hannibal one of most brilliant military tacticians in history B. Hannibal brought the Roman Empire to its knees III. Body A. Hannibal Strikes First 1. War upon Saguntum a. Saguntum ancient Spanish city b. Roman colony c. siege lasted eight months (Livy 222) d. this started the 2 nd Punic War 2. Hannibal moves onward to Rome a. Hannibal sends troops past the Ebro River to recruit the help of the Gaullic Tribes (Livy 226) b. He crossed Ebro with 90,000 soldiers and 12,000 horsemen (Livy, 227)
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c. Hannibal passed through tribal territories by bribing Gallic chieftains and getting them to serve as guides and reinforcements d. Hannibal won several small skirmishes against small Roman battalions and enemy Gallic tribes on the way to the Alps 3. Hannibal and the Alps a. Hannibal’s army successfully crossed the Alps b. one of the greatest feats in ancient military warfare B. The Battles of the Second Punic War 1. Battle of Trebia a. took place in the Po River Valley (Livy, 243)
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WRA 150 - John Constan Mrs Pritchard Rhetoric 23 November...

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