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columbia space shuttle - DEAD" The New York Times 3 Feb...

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John Constan Mrs. Pritchard Rhetoric 28 September 2008 Columbia Space Shuttle Disaster Memorial I. Introduction 1. Debris falling during launch 2. What happened during re-entry II. The people 1. The astronauts on the shuttle 2. The United States watching III. The memorial 1. What the memorial is 2. Dedicating the memorial IV. Conclusion 1. Heroes 2. How they will be remembered
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Bibliography "Space Shuttle Columbia Disaster." Aero Space Guide . Sept.-Oct. 2008. 28 Sept. 2008 <>. Sanger, David E. "LOSS OF THE SHUTTLE: THE OVERVIEW; SHUTTLE BREAKS UP, 7
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Unformatted text preview: DEAD." The New York Times 3 Feb. 2003: 1-3. Audience Analysis I will be speaking to my peers. So we should all be near the same level of intelligence. They are mostly Caucasian, and about 50% male and 50% female. Very few if any audience members will be interested, and their level of experience on the subject is probably none. The hope is to have the audience leave with the memory of the team aboard the space shuttle Columbia, and that they will find the memorial fitting....
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columbia space shuttle - DEAD" The New York Times 3 Feb...

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