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Constan 1 John Constan Mr. Kalinowski Values in Media 4 May 2009 War in the Media War is a consequence of the human condition, which occurs throughout regular intervals in history. Humans have been at war since the dawn of time, and like humans, war has evolved from barbaric skirmishes into full, organized campaigns of conquest. However, as time has passed we as a society have become more advanced. Back in times of swords and shields the only way to know of war was to experience it first hand. The generals had to be present on the battlefield to determine strategies and tactics. Today things are different. The soldiers do the fighting while the rest of the world is able to watch events unfold from miles and miles away via the media. War is covered in every aspect of the media including television, movies, and even video games. This essay will discuss how war is portrayed in various forms of media. Now assuming you are up to date on world affairs you are probably aware that the United States has been at war since October 2001. This war has been heavily portrayed by the media in every possible form, from newspaper to television. How this war is portrayed really depends on what you turn to as a source. Most news reports regarding the war tend to slant to either a conservative or liberal side. The New York Times is definitely a more liberal source reporting on the ongoing conflict in the Middle East. Their liberal stance is apparent throughout the majority of articles regarding the War on Terrorism, and Iraqi War. The New York Times are heavily in favor of neutrality and do
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Constan 2 not hesitate to criticize United States Government policies regarding the war. For
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war in media - Constan 1 John Constan Mr. Kalinowski Values...

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