IAR A Rock Legend and their Legacy

IAR A Rock Legend and their Legacy - incredibly significant...

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John Constan Felix Medina Evolution of American Thought 21 February 2010 IAR – A Rock Legend and Their Legacy The main activity I engaged in to create this piece was listening to Led Zeppelin’s music. I researched the topic as well but the bulk of the text was created from listening to their music as well as employing my background knowledge in music, and in the band Led Zeppelin themselves. I have been a large fan of the group for many years now and have acquired a significant amount of knowledge regarding the band. The main idea presented in this piece is that Led Zeppelin’s music has heavily influenced the developmental of modern musical genres. I present the areas of their first four albums that were influential, and argue what about these particular works helped music develop into what it is today. I present this information by showing how the band’s first four albums build on top of each other and culminate into Led Zeppelin’s own unique musical style that was so
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Unformatted text preview: incredibly significant. I do this by talking about the important aspects of each of the first four albums and how with each album Led Zeppelin’s musical style evolved into what it is today. Starting with the first album which was created when the band was young, eventually examining the fourth album which was the peak of the band’s musical prowess. The essay is trying to change the idea that Led Zeppelin was just another rock/blues band of the 70’s. And that fans of today’s current artists should give credit to Led Zeppelin because without them music would not be what it is today. I do this by outlining aspects of more modern bands that can be tied to the influence of Zeppelin. I am hoping that the reader will be surprised by the number of artists I give as examples and are also able to identify Zeppelin’s influence in the music of their favorite modern rock artists....
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IAR A Rock Legend and their Legacy - incredibly significant...

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