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ORIE 3300/5300 RECITATION 4 Fall 2010 Do this exercise with your declared partner (if you have one). Hand in your answer (and cover sheet) at the end of the Recitation. Read pages 13–17 and 27-36 in the AMPL book. Use AMPL to solve again the winery problem from Assignment 1 (prod.mod is in the MODELS folder and plonk.dat is on Blackboard in the AMPL files folder). Note that Limit is the name for the constraints limiting the numbers of bottles of each type that can be sold each day. In ampl, type “display Limit.body, Limit;”. Recall from the end of Chapter 1 of the AMPL
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Unformatted text preview: book that just displaying the name of a constraint shows the marginal or dual value of the constraint. Give interpretations to the numbers (0.625, 0.5, and 0) that are produced. How does the positive number 0.5 help to justify the solution found for the extra credit part of the homework problem? Type “display Time;”. Can you explain the number produced? • If you have time, look at Question 2-4 in the AMPL book (diet.mod and diet2.dat are in the MODELS folder; remember you have to change n max[“NA”] to 50000). 1...
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