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Katie Clune 9/15/10 ORIE 4152 – Homework 2 1.) EEstor is a company that was initially funded by Kleiner, Perkins, Caufield, and Byers in 2005. The company has developed a new form of capacitor for the storage of electricity, which it refers to as the EESU (‘Electrical Energry Storage Unit’). It is apparent that the opportunity of this company was a result of technological change. The development of electrical cars as an alternative to gas- driven cars is very popular currently as a result of Global Warming and other environmental issues. Essentially, the company’s new capacitor is claimed to store 30 times more energy (per volume) than other energy sources designed for similar purposes. With proper funding and devoted employees, EEstor may develop the means of traveling with electronically fueled cars, which could be entirely revolutionary. 2.) a) Business Opportunity 1 – Green Microbrewery A Green Microbrewery would be an excellent and unique business opportunity as it would follow America’s drive to be environmentally friendly, or “green.” Primarily, solar energy panels could power the microbrewery.
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