Study Guide Exam#2 American Heritage - 26. Erie Canal 27....

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Study Guide for Exam #2, Fall, 2008, American Heritage I 1. Alien and Sedition Acts of 1789 2. Virginia and Kentucky Resolutions 3. “Revolution of 1800” 4. Louisiana Purchase 5. Jefferson’s views of African Americans 6. Embargo Act 7. Supreme Court decision, Marbury v. Madison 8. War of 1812 9. How did the War of 1812 change when Napoleon was defeated? 10. Significance of the Battle of Fort McHenry 11. Battle of New Orleans 12. Treaty of Ghent 13. Changes to the American economy as a result of the War of 1812 14. cotton gin 15. “American System” economic plan 16. Supreme Court decision, Dartmouth v. Woodward 17. Missouri Compromise 18. Election of 1824 and the “corrupt bargain” 19. American System of Manufacture 21. Significance of steam power 22. Changes in American society as a result of industrialization 24. Tariffs and sectionalism 25. Transportation revolution
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Unformatted text preview: 26. Erie Canal 27. Changes in the American electorate during the first part of the 19 th century 28. Bank War 29. Trail of Tears 30. Nullification Crisis 31. Second Great Awakening 32. Second Great Awakening 33. Romanticism 34. Why did various utopian groups (New Harmony, Brook Farm, etc.) emerge during the industrial revolution? 35. Contrast lifestyles of factory workers in the north with that of slaves in the south 36. Underground Railroad 37. Martin Van Buren presidency 38. Industrialization (power) 39. 19 th century farm production 40. Immigration, 1840-60 41. Southern plantation owners 42. American Colonization Society 43. Mormon religion 44. 19 th century reform 45. Transcendentalism 46. Tenements 47. Middle class families 48. Slaves in the south/factory workers in the north 49. Influx of immigrants and the labor pool in the U. S....
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Study Guide Exam#2 American Heritage - 26. Erie Canal 27....

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