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Neha Gautam Lab 6 Outline 10/13/07 Graphing I. Curvilinear Relationships A. Review of Polynomials 1. curvilinear : line with curves; slope of line is not constant 2. polynomial function (y=ax^2+bx+c) a. function with x (input variable) consisting of several terms 1. each term has 2 factors: a real # coefficient (a,b, and c) + x raised to some non-negative integer power a. integer : any positive/negative whole #, incl. 0 B. Using Excel to Describe Curvilinear Relationships 1. order of function = # of terms in function to describe trend a. Order=2: f(x) =ax^2 + bx + c (quadratic function) 1. terms with x raised to 2 nd , 1 st , and 0 th , powers b. Order=3: f(x) = ax^3 + bx^2 +cx + d II. In-Laboratory Exercises A. Graphing and Interpreting a Curvilinear Relationship
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Unformatted text preview: 1. Constructing the Graph 2. Customizing your Graph a. editing axes b. consider printing c. changing chart format 3. Adding Trend-lines to a Graph w/ a Curvilinear Relationship B. Making a Column Graph (chart, bar graph) C. Incorporating Charts (Graphs) into a WORD Document 1. General Requirements of Figure Presentation a. a title b. graph format 1. independent variable : plotted on X-axis of graph 2. dependent variable : plotted on Y-axis of graph c. label all the axes d. a legend (explanatory paragraph that summarizes the content of the figure) 2. Pasting a Graph into Word III. Lab Report--final report will be submitted electronically to
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