Comm107- chapter 4 outline

Comm107- chapter 4 outline - C HAPTER 4 L istening Hea r...

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CHAPTER 4 Listening Hearing is a biological activity that involves reception of a message through sensory channels; it is a part of listening. Listening is a process that involves reception, attention, perception, the assignment of meaning, and the listener’s response to the message presented. There are several steps in the listening process: Reception- the initial step in the listening process; includes the receiving of both the auditory message and the visual message Attention represents the focus on a specific stimulus selected from all the stimuli received at any given moment. A person’s attention span , their capacity of the short-term memory, rarely lasts more than 45 seconds at one time. Factors that affect a person’s listening concentration are interest level, difficulty of the message, and motivation. Paraphrasing is making a summary of the ideas you have just received. It provides people with a concise restatement of what they just heard and allows you to determine whether you understood the material or not. During the act of perception, a person takes the material received and attempts to analyze what has been input. Perception is a screening process. The perceptual filter strains the stimuli you receive to separate what makes sense from what doesn’t so that you can organize and interpret the message. Selective perception
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Comm107- chapter 4 outline - C HAPTER 4 L istening Hea r...

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