Comm107- chapter 7 outline

Comm107- chapter 7 outline - Chapter 7 Outline Conversation...

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Chapter 7 Outline Conversation is an interaction with at least one other person. Almost all of us possess basic conversational skills Small talk is an exchange of information with someone on the surface level. The information exchange centers on biographics or slightly more personal information. Small talk usually lasts for about 15 minutes, and then in-depth conversation starts. Analytical thinking is thought patterns emphasizing analysis, which dissects events and concepts into pieces that can be linked into chains and categorized; typical of Euro-American cultures and people descendent from those cultures Holistic thinking is thought patterns that do not dissect events or concepts but that regard information in totality; a thought process typical in South American and Asian cultures and people descendent from those cultures. We often find ourselves giving other people directions - for example, instructions for accomplishing a task, achieving an effect, or getting somewhere. In giving directions, include all the necessary details, organize the ideas in a specific order, and use clearly understood terms. Requesting is the process of expressing a desire for something. It may sometimes be a demand Asking is seeking out information by inquiring. It will help you eliminate misunderstandings, aid you in ensuring receipt of your intended message, reassure you that you gained the proper information, and convince the sender that you really do understand. A Conflict is any situation in which you perceive that another person, with whom you’re interdependent, is frustrating or might frustrate the satisfaction of some concern, need, want or desire of yours. In most of the Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cultures, which are considered
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Comm107- chapter 7 outline - Chapter 7 Outline Conversation...

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