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Comm107- chapter 8 online - C hapter 8 Outline An i nte...

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Chapter 8 Outline An interview is a purposeful conversation between two or more persons that follows a basic question-and-answer format. Interviewing is more formal than most other conversations because the participants usually share a preset purpose and use a focused structure. The interviewer is responsible for the interview’s arrangements and takes the lead in conducting the activity. An interview format outlines the procedures that will be used in achieve the interaction’s purpose The interviewee the person who is being interviewed should prepare for the session by knowing the purpose of the meeting, what her role and responsibilities are, and the information she needs to provide. The interviewer does most of the talking- it establishes the goal of the interview for both communicators, and it gives the interviewee time to become comfortable with the situation and the interviewer. Direct questions are explicit and require specific replies. Open questions are less direct and specify only the topic Closed questions provide alternatives, narrowing the possibilities for response, and probe for opinions on opposite ends of a continuum Bipolar questions are a form of closed questions requiring a yes or no response Leading questions encourage a specific answer Loaded questions are a type of leading question designed to elicit an emotional response Yes-response questions
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Comm107- chapter 8 online - C hapter 8 Outline An i nte...

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