Cmlt280- Midterm study guide

Cmlt280- Midterm study guide - Angano Angano-God created...

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Angano Angano -God created man and gave him life -Rice was the crop that fed all the people of the earth- the woman spoke of it in the heavens and the man went with her to taste it and that’s how they believe rice came to earth -Children are to help do labor especially with the crops -Sacrifice is used to bless a marriage, bless a child, cure illness, etc. -Example of oral traditions -> change over time, passed down through generations -Older generations were being filmed and younger generations were shown in daily life Pather Panchali (Song of the road) 1955 Director: Satyajit Ray -Summary: The story revolves around a poor Brahmin family in early years of the century in Bengal. The father, Harihara, is a priest who is unable to make ends meet to keep his family together. The mother, Sarbajaya, has the chief responsibility for raising her mischievous daughter Durga and caring for her elderly aunt Indir, who is a distant relative and whose independent spirit sometimes irritates her. With the arrival of Apu in the family, scenes of happiness and play enrich their daily life. Life, however, is a struggle, so Harihara has to find a new job and departs, leaving Sarbajaya alone to deal with the stress of this family's survival, Durga's illness and the turbulence of the monsoon. The final disaster, Durga's death, causes the family to leave their village in search of a new life in Benares. In spite of poverty and death the film leaves one not depressed but moved, filled with the beauty, and subtle radiance of life. The film suggests an intimate relationship between loss and growth or destruction and creation. -Shot on location to capture the aura of rural India. -Tradition is represented through Auntie’s songs; statue of a god in their house -Culture is represented by festival and theatre and the marriage ceremony Borom Sarret -Summary: the story of a poor cart driver by that name who tries to earn a living by driving equally poor passengers around Dakar in his horse-drawn vehicle. Although he never asks for payment, he clearly expects it, but none is forthcoming, causing him to grumble and complain. His failure to understand that he must conclude a contract with his passengers whereby they pay
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Cmlt280- Midterm study guide - Angano Angano-God created...

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