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Comm250- theories theorists and origins - “Views social...

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THEORY THEORIST ORIGIN OF THEORIST Symbolic Interaction (SI) Mead The Chicago School Coordinated Meaning of Management (CMM) Pearce and Cronen “Undirected Theater” Cognitive Dissonance (CDT) Festinger University of Iowa Expectancy Violations (EVT) Burgoon University of Arizona Uncertainty Reduction (URT) Berger and Calabrese “Uncertainty in initial encounters” Social Penetration (SPT) Altman and Taylor Univ. of Utah; UMCP Social Exchange (SET) Thibault and Kelley “Theory of Interdependence” Relational Dialectics (RDT) Baxter and Montgomery Communication Privacy Management (CPMT) Petronio “Recent theory (came out in 2002) Groupthink Janis Yale (and then Berkley) Adaptive Structuration (AST) Giddens-> (followed by) Pool,
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Unformatted text preview: “Views social structures as a double-edged sword” Organizational Culture (OCT) Geertz, Pacanowsky, O’Donell University of Chicago Organizational Information (OIT) Weick University of Michigan Dramatism Burke “Compares life to a play” Rhetoric Aristotle Narrative Paradigm Fisher Cultural Studies Hall (based on Karl Marx) Jamaica Cultivation Analysis (CA) Gerbner Immigrated from Hungary Uses and Gratifications (U&G) Katz, Gurevitch, Blumer Hebrew Univ., UMD, Univ. of Leeds Spiral of Science (SS) Noelle-Neuman University of Missouri Media Ecology (MET) McLuhan Cambridge University Face Negotiation (FNT) Ting-Toomey Standpoint (ST) Hegel> Hartsock Germany Muted Group (MGT) Kramarae, Ardener...
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