Bmgt353- chapter 2 vocab

Bmgt353- chapter 2 vocab - Danielle Feller Chapter 2...

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Danielle Feller February 3, 2009 Chapter 2 Vocabulary Assortment - the number of SKUs within a merchandise category. Also called depth of merchandise Big Box - Large, limited service retailers Breadth of Merchandise- the number of different merchandise categories within a store or department Catalog Retailing - non-store retail format in which the retail offering is communicated to a customer through a catalog Category Killers - a discount retailer that offers a narrow, but deep, assortment of merchandise in a category, and thus dominates the category from the customers’ perspective. Also called a category specialist Close-Out Retailers - off-price retailer that sells a broad but inconsistent assortment of general merchandise as well as apparel and soft home goods, obtained through retail liquidations and bankruptcy proceedings. Close-Outs - AN offer at a reduce price to sell a group of slow-moving or incomplete stock Convenience Store - a store that provides a limited variety and assortment of merchandise at a convenient location in a 2,000 to 3,000 square foot store with speedy checkout Conventional Supermarket - a self-service food store that offers groceries, meat, and produce with limited sales of non-food items, such as health and beauty aids and general merchandise Department Store- a retailer that carries a wide variety and deep assortment, offers considerable customer services, and is organized into separate departments for displaying merchandise Direct-Mail Retailer- a non-store retailer that communicates directly with customers using mail brochures and pamphlets to sell a specific product or service to customers at one point in time
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Bmgt353- chapter 2 vocab - Danielle Feller Chapter 2...

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