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DanielleFeller February 10, 2009 Chapter 3 Vocab Conversion rate - percentage of consumers who buy the product after viewing it Cookie - computer text files that identify visitors when they return to a website Disintermediation - when a manufacturer sells directly to consumers, thus competing directly with its retailers Magalogs - combination of magazine and catalog Multichannel Retailer - retailer that sells merchandise or services through more than one channel Online Chat - a customer service offering that provides customers with an opportunity to click a button at anytime and have an instant messaging, e-mail, or voice conversation with a customer
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Unformatted text preview: service representative. Share of Wallet- the percentage of total purchases made by a customer in a store Social Shoppers- people who participate in virtual communities to obtain not just information for future use but also an enhanced emotional connection to other participants in the shopping experience Virtual Communities- a network of people who seek information, products, and services and communicate with one another about specific issues....
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