Paper2 12-10-07 - Minorities are suffering because of the...

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Minorities are suffering because of the Governments Voice Racial profiling is a big problem in America, even today. I come from a very diverse city where I have many African American, Asian and Hispanic friends, and our downtown is distinctly African American. Unfortunately I also come from a very conservative city where the police and government are very stereotypical to our multicultural city. In the late 90’s we made national news for riots that were going on downtown due to a white police officer falsely assuming that a black pedestrian had a gun and the police officer shot the pedestrian in the head, ultimately leading to death. This is just one story among many in America, and sadly a lot of the racial profiling that is going on is not getting any better. Having said this, the government should stop the negative accusations that they have towards minorities because soon enough the Caucasian population could be the new minority. It is important that these negative accusations be stopped because our nation is becoming more and more diverse each day. Soon enough the African American, Asian or even Hispanic population could be the most populated race in America, and one of these races could soon have power over the white population. Although it sounds politically incorrect, the white race, especially males, is in control of America. Never, have we had a black president and never had we had a female president, but soon, all of this could change. Another reason why these negative accusations must stop is because our country is known for being a melting pot, or salad bowl, if you will. People come to America for the freedom, and to feel as though they finally belong. They want to live in a democracy where everyone is treated equal, but not everyone is treated equal in America, and sadly some people do not find this out until it is too late. We, as Americans, should be proud of
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Paper2 12-10-07 - Minorities are suffering because of the...

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