Poly Sci 40 practice MT 2

Poly Sci 40 practice MT 2 - POLI SCI 40: PRACTICE MIDTERM...

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POLI SCI 40: PRACTICE MIDTERM 1. Briefly (in a short phrase) describe the contents of any 3 of these amendments: 4 th Legal Search and Seizures 13 th Abolition of Slavery 19 th Established Women’s Sufferage 16 th Congress can tax income 25 th President to chose new VP which is approved by congress if VP out of office 26 th 18 Year old Vote 2. What Constitutional principle is attributable to Marbury v. Madison ? The principle is called: Judicial Review That means: The judicial branch (the Supreme Court) can declare laws made by congress unconstitutional 3. Who wrote the opinion? : John Marshall Explain his dilemma and strategic decision, using either a narrative or a diagram. If he sided with Marbury, then Madison would just disobey the Supreme Court revealing its weakness and make the court look weak. But if he sided with Madison then he would also make the court look weak and slap Marbury (a federalist) in the face and lose a whole bunch of federalist judges. By declaring congressional law unconstitutional he made the court stronger and skirted around the dilemma at the same time.
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4. What is meant by the One Man, One Vote Rule ? That one vote should count the same in each district, or in other words representation should be equal What Court case stated it for Congressional elections? Wesberry Vs Sanders What was its chief policy consequence? It shifted the balance of representational power toward the urban area and away from the country so they became more equally represented. 5.
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Poly Sci 40 practice MT 2 - POLI SCI 40: PRACTICE MIDTERM...

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