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Geog 5 noes - Geog 5 Notes 15:05:00 ← Conifer Forests •...

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Unformatted text preview: Geog 5 Notes 26/01/2009 15:05:00 ← Conifer Forests • Found around 60 degrees N, not in southern hemisphere • Alaska, Canada, Siberia, japan • Alps, rockies • 20-200 cm precipitation ← Flora and Fauna- • Deciduous Siberian pines • Oldest trees- bristlecone pines up to 4000 yrs old • Fire is a key disturbance ← Human impact • Varies enormously (N Canada has fire suppression v. Alps) • Some fire suppression ← Tundra- 8m sq miles • Arctic portions of Eurasia, Canada • Alpine tundra in Rocky mountains, Andres, himalayas, Antarctica • Mean annual temperature= -15 degrees celcius • 5 billion tons of biomass- extremely low • fara and fauna- low artic tundra- small shrubs and low forest canopy • high artic tundra- canopy, • human impact- frost heaving- some areas are very isolated and poor, not many people. ← Climate change- arctic ice caps are melting ← Ice- albedo feedback loop- ← 1903- took 2 ½ years to get through the ice ← 2008- commercial ships went through the N/W passage in Canada • without the help of ice breakers- change in the biome and human interactions were seeing ←...
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Geog 5 noes - Geog 5 Notes 15:05:00 ← Conifer Forests •...

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