short answer - Printing press- made books a mass media...

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Printing press - made books a mass media because it allowed mass production of volume of books, made them available and cheap Dime novel - allowed cheap, more specialized, judged on how popular not how literate Marketplace of ideas - government should not regulate the press, the truth will be victorious Yellow journalism- barons seeked out sensationalism stories to gain the most audience Muckrakers- searched for misconduct to improve society and bring reform, dug up corruption in government and revealed it to society Truth as a defense – people should tell the truth even if it hurts others, damaging to government official Seditious liable laws- court case that established laws that you could say something damaging about government American Revolution - colonists attacked british government in newspapers, when opinions on government were published it began the democratic society. Played a role in forming the constitution Penny Press- made newspaper produced cheaper so that it could be delivered to the masses. As a result they needed people to get stories so they could deliver to masses so reporters became a profession. Wire services - typically usd by smaller newspapers to get information on a more national level. Ex: associated press Inverted pyramid style Syndicated features- separate companies make products available to you (crossword, movie review) Chains - companies own more than one newspaper. This concerns people because they are worried that democracy is at stake if only a few people are in charge of the newspaper release of info. Concerned that there is less diversity of information. Zines- self published magazine, very quirky and specialized, short lived, online, don’t last long, youth oriented Video channels- such as MTV brings music to the masses. Move away from touring. A away to advertise Mondegreen- a misunderstood song lyric that we take to relate to our personal desire (food/ sex) hold me closer tiny dancer, hold me closer tony danza Persistence of vision : visual image is retained in eye for fraction of second after that image actually appears. nickelodeon : first permanent motion picture theater. Cost a nickel to get in. Films great longer, more costly, more popular, more practical Birth of Nations: first full length motion picture film with a plot and character devlopment. showed film can be a money making business. MPPC: Motion Picture Patent Corporation. Controlled all aspects of film (production, exhibition, distribution). Didn’t want the stars to have fame. Limited lengths of film. Film makers moved to Hollywood to move away from this.
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short answer - Printing press- made books a mass media...

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