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study me for taking sides - Issue 1: Are American Values...

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Issue 1: Are American Values Shaped by the Mass Media? Yes: Schiller - mass media institutions are key elements of the modern capitalistic world order. Media produce economic profits and the ideology necessary to sustain a world system of exploitative divisions of social and financial resources. Job of the citizen to understand these myths, media “mind managers” - 5 myths structure media content and manipulate consciouness: Owners of media companies are profit driven and thus put certain things into the media content and information released – affect mass’s values. The reason nobody notices this is because society has fallen for myths and offers little content variation giving the individual - Myth of individualism and personal choice - capitalism is based on individualism, not on the community. Private ownership leads to– no individual choice because it is not produced by the public we do not have freedom of choice of what we watch. For example: we choose tv shows but off of a limited number of channels - Myth of neutrality - we uncritically accept the social institutions - institutions themselves (Congress, the judiciary, and the President) are beyond reproach o corruption/ deceit are the result of human weakness - This manipulation relies on the fact that the public thinks that the media is unbiased and objective, looking for their best interest. When in reality it is profit driven. They think special interest groups do not effect public institutions Myth of unchanging human nature - leads to poor performance and passivity due to low expectations - We portray human nature as unchanging and flawed, not the institutions themselves. We think if we cannot change, there is no point of changing society. Humans act as they are expcted to act, not by our instincts. We get these expectations from the media. - Myth of the absence of social conflict - there are more poor people, even though people don’t want to accept - Media portrays societal institutions as harmonious, when in reality we have social inequity which is the most important social conflict (Ex: upper and lower class). Instead it portrays individual conflict. (ex: Virginia tech) Myth of media pluralism - American media is uniform; basically the same ideas are prevented (big profit driven monopolies)
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- Media makes you think that you have choices and you are making them, because there is an abundance of media outlets doesn’t mean there is a diversity of content. Even though there is many sources of media, they are all sending similar messages, you just get the false feeling you are getting an abundance of information No: Newcomb & Hirsch - television serves as a site of negotiation for cultural issues, images, and ideas. A “cultural forum” where viewers select from a wide set of approaches to issues and ideas The media gives you choices that you can decifer for yourself what they mean. It gives you a backdrop to look at society and reality Tv viewing strip- applying content analysis to an entire program to see how it reflects
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study me for taking sides - Issue 1: Are American Values...

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