Taking Sides - Issue 1 Are American Values Shaped by the...

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Issue 1: Are American Values Shaped by the Mass Media? Yes: Schiller—states that there are exploitative and profit driven owners of media companies determining the circulation of information and consequently the development of the mass’s values. The manipulation by these elite is sustained by the creation of certain myths and suppression of diversity of choice—giving off the perception of individualism while maintaining corporate and media control. Owners of media companies are profit driven and thus put certain things into the media content and information released – affect mass’s values. The reason nobody notices this is because society has fallen for myths and offers little content variation giving the individual myth of individualism and personal choice - Protects the private ownership of property and companies, while still instilling a false belief of individual wellbeing and personal choice—insisting that the latter, individualism and freedom of choice, cannot exist without the former, private ownership. However, in the end, the presence of private ownership supercedes the value of personal choice, manipulating the masses to certain beliefs. Private ownership leads to– no individual choice because it is not produced by the public we do not have freedom of choice of what we watch. For example: we choose tv shows but off of a limited number of channels myth of neutrality - For manipulation to be effective, there must be no evidence of its presence. People must believe in the neutrality of social institutions and also their integrity. The government, for example, is supposed to be sign as having the nation’s best interests, free of corruption and bias. When there is a act of self- interests, it is seen as human weakness and not a fault of the institution itself. Other institutions (i.e. schools, science, media) are supposed to be viewed as neutral in their philosophies and processes, meaning that no special groups have a large influence in public institutions of decision-making, and maintaining the existing control of the system. - This manipulation relies on the fact that the public thinks that the media is unbiased and objective, looking for their best interest. When in reality it is profit driven. They think special interest groups do not effect public institutions myth of unchanging human nature - Humans beings act according to what human nature is expected to be, not necessarily as to their actual instincts and nature. The institutions imply that the unchanging human nature and inherent human conditions are responsible for the conflicts presented by private ownership and individual freedom/acquisition— not the social circumstances, but the inevitable human condition. The growing support of the idea of the intractability—unchanging and stubborn—of human
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nature lends itself to the belief that there the faults and contradictions of individualism in society result from humans, not the manipulative social institutions. -
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Taking Sides - Issue 1 Are American Values Shaped by the...

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