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Michael Largent 22 November 2009 Boeing Interview with Paul Josias Questions 1. What airplane gave Boeing the most success? 2. How has Boeing differed from other aviation companies? 3. Where have you traveled with Boeing? 4. What new technologies will change the future of Boeing? 5. Are there any top secret projects underway right now? 6. Is Boeing’s military aircraft as efficient as the civilian? 7. Is there any project you liked the most? 8. How much time does Boeing spend designing airplanes? 9. Does Boeing create anything besides airplanes? 10. How many people can fly on an average Boeing plane? 11. Have you seen the Boeing 787? 12. Is the single-body fuselage of the 787 really an advantage? 13. Will any other airplanes utilize the 787’s new technologies? 14. How soon will the 787 be ready for flight? 15. Can airlines order the 787 now? Summary Notes The Boeing 747 definitely gave Boeing the most success throughout the Company’s history. The company differs from other aviation companies by always
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