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Kathy Tran Wednesday 4:00 P.M. Chicken: the dangerous transformation of America's favorite food , Chapters 1-4 1. What are the main goals of the book? How did Javier and the chickens arrive in this place, under these conditions? Where do they go once they go once they leave the plant? And what does their experience in the plant mean to those of us who eat chicken? (Preface vii) How do we raise, process, engineer, transport, market, and eat chicken, and what are the connections between these processes? How have forms of faming, work, product development, and consumption changed over time? (p.8) 2. What methods does Stiffler use to gather information? He takes information from college libraries, personal experience working in factories, journals and from mentors. 3. According to Stiffler, what are some of the main problems with our modern food system and the poultry industry more specifically? A main problem with our modern food system is that the government is aware about the increasing obesity in this country, yet every year they pour thousands and thousands of dollars into the agriculture business. All this money is put towards the continued process of the chickens. 4. Why is Herbert Hoover mentioned repeatedly? What was the role of chicken in American diet prior to WWII? Herbert Hoover was the first person to promote chicken with such life. He was proactive in putting a
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ChickenQuestions1-4 - Kathy Tran Wednesday 4:00 P.M....

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