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ASAM Final Notes

ASAM Final Notes - 11:02:00 UnlawfulMigrations,Historically...

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26/10/2009 11:02:00 Unlawful Migrations, Historically Slave-trading after 1808 The Steerage Act of 1819 o Attempts to limit contract laborers from Europe o The duty of carriers to monitor the people they disembark The Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882 o Successful excludes Chinese o Also is violated all the time o First large group of people that were in CA were Chinese Wage slavery as a recurring concern The Mexican Revolution in 1910 o Controversies over land reform under President Porfirio Diaz o A mass exodus of refugees from Mexico, 1910-1914; at least one  million persons would come by 1920, many without formal permission o The Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI), from 1929-2000  The organized migration of “temporary” Mexican workers during WWII o ‘Braceros’ in 1942; by 1945, about 120,000 Mexican nationals were  employed by American companies throughout the Southwest o “Overstaying” The borderlands of the southwest o Mestizo cultures, and the fluidity of cultural, political, and economic  boundaries o The seasonal ebbs and flows of migratory labor o Railroads and farm Migration from Mexico after 1965 o The Immigration Act of 1965 as an oddly restrictive rules against the  migration form the Western Hemisphere, especially against Mexican  immigration
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  • Spring '08
  • PARK
  • Immigration to the United States, President Porfirio Díaz, undocumented kids  Majority, oddly restrictive rules, family  reunification categories

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ASAM Final Notes - 11:02:00 UnlawfulMigrations,Historically...

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