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2. Please explain why Haitians were intercepted at sea, and then taken to Guantanamo  Bay, Cuba, during the Haitian refugee crises of the 1990s. Why did American policymakers  decide not to pocess their refugee claims in the United States? Part 1 – Explain why Haitians were intercepted a. Why are they there   i.The boat (Haitians) people are fleeing the pervasive and extreme political  persecution of Duvalier-ruled Haiti. ii. Poverty is extreme and pervasive iii. the Haitian Government does virtually nothing to improve the general welfare of the masses but rather exploits and exacerbates existing  iv. conditions; repression is pervasive and triggered by the slightest imagined  opposition b. Why did they go to Guantanamo Part 2 – Why not accepted to U.S.  a. Reason i. The Government contends that, while a few of the Haitians deserve asylum, the vast majority are economic-not political-refugees. 
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Unformatted text preview: ii. They are not fleeing political persecution, but are attracted to the vastly superior economic opportunities in the United States. iii. As such, they do not have a legitimate legal claim to remain in the United States. iv. However , if they were fleeing political persecution, the United States would be obligated under international and domestic law to protect them from further persecution b. Goals i. Intentions - allowing the mass of the boat people to remain in the United States would establish a precedent which would make it impossible to deny access to other "economic refugees," such as those from Mexico and other parts of Latin America and the Caribbean. c. Key legal differences of being at Guantanamo vs. U.S. i. Outside jurisdiction of the U.S. and inside...
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