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Midterm 2 Question 4 - who wanted to leave if they could...

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4. Please explain why so many migrants from Cuba, El Salvador, Guatemala,  and Nicaragua were coming to the United States since 1959, and especially after  1980. How did the United States federal government originally classify these  migrants, and how were these definitions different from the ones proposed  publicly by members of the Sanctuary Movement in the 1980s?  Why since 1959 - migrant work  Boom after 1980, why? - Cold War refugees from Cuba - In April 1980 Fidel Castro opened the port of Mariel for any Cubans 
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Unformatted text preview: who wanted to leave if they could get picked up by Cubans who came by boat from Florida. Castro kept the port open until September, releasing approximately 2,000 Cuban prisoners and mental patients into the stream of over 130,000 Cuban refugees.- How did the U.S. federal government originally classify these migrants?-indocumentados How were they different from the ones proposed publicly by members of the Sanctuary Movement in 1980s?...
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