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Final Review CL 40 W10

Final Review CL 40 W10 - CLASSICS 40 WINTER 2010 A N...

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CLASSICS 40 A. N. Athanassakis WINTER 2010 FINAL REVIEW SHEET Please review Hesiod’s Theogony (except lines 226-79, 325-408, 869-1022) and Works and Days (only lines 1-596); also, Homeric Hymns to Demeter (#2), Hermes (#4), Aphrodite (#5) and Dionysos (#7) . From the Classics 40 Reader prepared by the Alternative Copy Shop, review only chapters 11 (Dionysus: pp. 7-16), 20 (Heracles: pp. 25-39), and 21 (Theseus: pp. 45-52 and 55-56). From chapter 16 (the last chapter in the Reader), study only the material on Oedipus (p. 77 to top of p. 87). NB: Questions on the final examination will be chosen only from the second part of the quarter. Names to Review and Remember Hesiod: Aphrodite Apollon Ares Artemis Athena Atlas Chaos Chimaira Crete Cyprus Demeter Dike (Justice) Eleusis Eos Erebos Eris (Strife) Eros Fates Furies Gaia Graces Hades Hekate Helikon Helios Hephaistos Hera Herakles Hermes Hestia Hope Hydra Iris Kerberos Kronos Kythereia Leto Medousa Metis Mnemosyne Muses Nereus Okeanos Olympos Ouranos Pandora Pegasos Persephone Perses Perseus Pleiades Poseidon Prometheus Proteus
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