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Michael Largent Critique #4 19 Novmeber 2009 1. “The Boeing Airplane Co….Biplanes by the Sea.” The Boeing Company . June 2009. 16 Nov. 2009. <> 2. This article shares information about Boeing’s history. It shows how William E. Boeing started his aviation company after graduating from Yale’s engineering school. 3. The author’s purpose of this article is to provide information how Boeing was created and why it was necessary. The intended audience is anyone interested in learning more about the Boeing’s past and the founder’s history. The article shares many facts about William E. Boeing, the early years of aviation, and the early project’s Boeing began. The author uses several narratives to display the formation and transitions of the Boeing Company. 4. “In 1903, two events launched the history of modern aviation. The Wright brothers made their first flight at Kitty Hawk, N.C., and 22-year-old William Boeing left Yale
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Unformatted text preview: engineering college for the West Coast.” (“Biplanes by the Sea”). This shows how important Boeing is by comparing the start of his company to the first flight. “Boeing tried to get a ride in one of the airplanes, but not one of the dozen aviators participating in the event would oblige. Boeing came back to Seattle disappointed, but determined to learn more about this new science of aviation.” (“Biplanes by the Sea”). The fact that Boeing was so determined shows a glimpse of the perseverance Boeing needed to become a worldwide aviation company. 5. I would give this article an A. It includes several useful pieces of information when showing how Boeing was created, why it was created, and how the early years of aviation took place. This article has several first hand accounts because it is from the Boeing Company....
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