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Interview Draft 3 - Largent 1 Michael Largent Eng 102-013...

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Largent 1 Michael Largent Eng 102-013 22 Oct 2009 Interview Essay Draft 2 From Country Roots to an Urban Boy In Grandin, Missouri, during the 1940s, life was full of family values and neighbors were willing to lend a hand. The community atmosphere displayed the hard work of the farmers, the dedication of the local sheriff, and the love that every family shared with one another. Children did not have a care in the world and knew their parents’ word was law. Life was simple, and with this simplicity my grandparents were able to shape their own values and also gain a wealth of knowledge about the meaning of life, that they have kept into the modern day world we live in today. Growing up in the 1940s, my grandparents, Bob and Doris, both lived in the country, were around six or seven years old, and attended school. My grandfather and grandmother lived in different parts of the town and were also a few years apart in age, which made a big difference in how the school operated. My grandfather attended a two-room school until eighth grade. The smaller grades were kept in the same room while the larger students were placed into another room called the “Big Room.” Unlike today’s luxury of heat and air conditioning, my grandfather and his classmates took turns arriving to school early to light the wood stove. “We called the kid who came in early the janitor because he did all the cleaning and heating for the day…” my grandpa explained to me. Additionally, fluorescent lighting was unheard of; kerosene lamps were used to light the rooms. Children receiving two weeks for Christmas break was not necessary; however, a week-long break for deer season was included so the children were safe on
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Largent 2 the way to school. In contrast from my grandfather, my grandma attended class very similar to school today. Electricity was flowing through the building, running water was a major
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Interview Draft 3 - Largent 1 Michael Largent Eng 102-013...

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