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Michael Largent Denise Keller English 102-013 25 August 2009 My Experience 1. I have written a research paper during my freshman, junior, and senior year courses in high school. 2. During my freshman year we wrote on the Elizabethan Era, during my junior year we chose a country and the child soldier conflict in that area, and in my senior year we chose our own social conflict. 3. I was assigned my topics every time except my senior year. Senior year we chose something that was important to us and cleared it with the teacher. 4. I have written both argumentative and informative research papers. 5. The number of sources our teacher required was usually around five book sources and five web sources. 6. I had around 4 weeks to write each research paper. 7. We were able to use the school library and the school computers to look up websites and hard sources for our papers. 8. These research papers were fairly successful at teaching me the research process.
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Unformatted text preview: It taught me the process of finding sources, making bib cards, and writing the full paper. 9. I try to stay ahead of the class work but it usually turns into a slight procrastination over time. 10. I think a subject becomes researchable if you can find hard facts that you can expand upon. A topic that is too controversial or opinionated may be difficult to research. 11. I know how to setup a paper in MLA and cite my sources based on MLA format. 12. I am interested in space and airplanes. I am passionate about drumming and playing disc golf. I am curious about the future of the space industry and the future of air transportation. 13. My concerns about writing source-supported essays for this class are that I paraphrase too much and have a hard time combining the facts with my own style. Also, I have trouble citing sources that are abnormal such as pictures or movies....
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