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Michael Largent 216 Lucinda Ave. Belleville, IL 62221-5339 Sepember 15, 2009 SWIC Financial Aid Office 2500 Carlyle Ave. Belleville, IL 62221-5899 Dear SWIC Financial Aid Office: I have noticed that my Top Ten Percent Scholarship has still not been evaluated after months of waiting. This is a concern because I continually receive tuition statements from the registration office requesting money I do not owe. This has not only become an annoyance but I am also worried that I will no longer be allowed anymore delays to pay my bill. I am sure that the office workers are very busy trying to make financial aid opportunities available to everyone and anyone who needs them. The opportunities here at SWIC are great for anyone wishing to attain an affordable education. I love that I can get my general education classes out of the way quickly and free due to this award. However, this has been a huge inconvenience for me. Over the past summer I spent countless hours meeting with advisors and counselors, filling out paperwork, and hoping the scholarship
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Unformatted text preview: process would eventfully end and my tuition fees would be waived. I was informed this process would be very quick and I would show a zero balance on my first bill. This was not the case and my actions are restricted due to my supposedly unpaid statement. With my dual enrollment at SIUE, my transcript is not able to be transferred or released until I pay my bill. I am not able to view my progress with SIUE and I can not select classes or allow them to get a jumpstart on my eventual transfer to their campus. Additionally, I feel this makes me look irresponsible because this shows I owe money to SWIC. Overall, I know there are several students with financial aid struggles, but I would just like my bill to show my zero balance as it should. This would allow me to send my transcript to SIUE and also let me breathe easier that my bill is waived and I do not owe any money. Sincerely, Michael Largent...
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