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Research Paper Proposal

Research Paper Proposal - and defense systems however the...

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Michael Largent Eng 102-013 20 Oct 2009 Research Proposal Research Proposal My general topic is the commercial airline industry. I will concentrate on how Boeing has changed the way people travel around the world today. My document will focus on the history, current innovations, and the differences Boeing used to reach such a dominant level of air power compared to its competitors. I am interested in this topic because I plan to work for Boeing and I would like to know more about the company’s history and how Boeing compares to other airplane engineering companies. I find that Boeing creates both military and commercial aircraft
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Unformatted text preview: and defense systems, however the company is widely known for its contribution to civilian travel. Some research questions include: When did Boeing start designing civilian air travel? What planes revolutionized civilian air travel? How does Boeing’s success compared to that of its competitors? What are the innovations of the future commercial jets? Will Boeing continue to be a dominating force in this industry? A check of electronic and printed sources show a decent number of articles and websites are available on this topic. I believe my topic is limited enough to allow me to complete my research within a week....
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