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Personal Statement - Rough Draft 3

Personal Statement - Rough Draft 3 - Largent 1 Michael...

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Largent 1 Michael Largent Mr. Boyt Advanced Writing 6 October 2008 Journey to Engineer Throughout my childhood I was heavily influenced by my father’s love of space, aircraft, and astronomy. Together we looked through telescopes, watched the shuttle launchings, and even traveled to nearby airports just to watch airline jets takeoff and land. When I was ten years old, my father and I registered for a week of space camp in Huntsville, Alabama. During the week full of space-related activities and astronaut training, I began to fall in love with the same interests as my dad. Fast forwarding seven years into the future, with my affection for flight and space just as strong as my father’s, I took the controls of a small Cessna aircraft. I completed the preflight inspection with my instructor and jumped into the captain’s seat in the cockpit, preparing to taxi to the runway. My stomach was fluttering with excitement, my hands were quivering with anxiety, and my forehead was sweating with fear.
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