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Personal Statement - Rough Draft - Largent 1 Michael...

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Largent 1 Michael Largent Mr. Boyt Advanced Writing 11 September 2008 Personal Statement Cessna Three-Five-Nine-Juliet-Papa, you are cleared for takeoff on Runway Three-Left. As these words rang through my headset, sitting in the cockpit of a small aircraft, I knew what I wanted to do in life. Airplanes and space travel have always been a love of mine, and the thought of actually being able to design a craft to explore the limits of our galaxy made me aspire to study aerospace engineering. My drive and determination has always pushed me to reach any goal I set. While studying in your aerospace program I will therefore strive to reach where no man ever has, and push the limits of the aviation field. As I reminisce to the fateful day when I first took the controls of a small Cessna aircraft, I realize how important that day truly was. I had completed the preflight inspection with my instructor and jumped into the captain’s seat in the cockpit. I completed the rest of the inspections and started to taxi to the runway. My stomach was
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Personal Statement - Rough Draft - Largent 1 Michael...

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