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2 in addition while nasa was sending men to the moon

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Unformatted text preview: on 6 times, observed the Earth’s climate and geology, and launched the Hubble Space Telescope (“Appreciation: Happy 50th, NASA” par. 2). In addition, while NASA was sending men to the moon in 1969, students in the United States were ranked at the top of the world in math and science. According to the Space Exploration Alliance, “NASA’s mission of human and robotic space exploration can inspire young people and the public, as well as the aerospace industry, and spur the creation of businesses and jobs”(“Space Exploration Alliance to Boost NASA Funding” par. 1). Consequently, industries such as Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Gunman, and Kaytheon predict that American space leadership could be lost for a generation without funds (“Contractors Urge Increase in 2008 Funding” par. 3-5). Also, despite the huge strides NASA has made with space launches, the agency has also contributed to the world by contributing to the International Space Station and space science in general. Even on a much smaller scale, NASA created Tang, used by astronauts in space and now in the households of American families. Based upon the apparent lack of government funding given to NASA, NASA had to shrink missions and research projects, compromising the future of space exploration. With so much of the government money being shoveled into the War in Iraq, War in Afghanistan, and the United States’ failing economy, many people like myself wonder how much longer NASA will be around to provide advancements in aeronautics. Because I hope to work as an aerospace Largent 7 engineer for agencies like NASA, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, and Northrop Gunman, I believe NASA should receive more funding from the government. I feel the two wars in the Middle East require too much government money to fund and, by comparison, NASA should receive more funding because ultimately, they are contributing more to America and the Earth than most organizations. Without NASA, space science could not advance, and the a...
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