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Michael Largent Mr. Boyt Advanced Writing 9 October 2008 Research Proposal My general topic is space programs. I will concentrate on the funding of NASA. My document will focus on NASA’s failures and successes, amount of government funding, and government spending that may limit the progression of space exploration. I am interested in this topic because I hope to one day work for an organization like NASA. Also, in light of the current economic crisis, along with the War on Terror, many people feel that space programs are not worth the money. Therefore, I’d like to know if any space programs will be available for me to work for after college.
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Unformatted text preview: Some research questions include: How much money does the government spend on the War on Terror? How much funding does NASA receive? How much money did NASA receive before the Colombia disaster? How much money did NASA receive after the Colombia disaster? What were the goals of NASA’s 50 th Anniversary? How important is space exploration to Americans? A check of electronic and printed sources shows a number of articles on this topic are available through the Gale Power Search and the Internet. I believe my topic is limited enough to allow me to complete my research within one week....
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