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During summer break I attended an engineering camp at a local university. Anxiously, I made my way to the building where the engineering facilities are located. After each member introduced themselves, we immediately started discussing the careers available to engineering students. Throughout the week, we completed several labs focused on various branches of engineering. Finally, the staff moved on to what I had been waiting for: Aerospace Engineering and Flight Science. Through several labs and a complementary flight, I had learned what the life of an aerospace student involves. With the aid of the qualified staff, aspiring aviation students can succeed with dedication and a strong mind. After attending the engineering camp, I realized that throughout my three years of high school, I have prepared for a career in Aerospace Engineering in a multitude of ways. Due to my five years of honors mathematics and science courses, I feel fully equipped to handle the
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Unformatted text preview: demands of engineering curriculum. In addition, my role as section leader of the marching band’s drumline has strengthened my leadership abilities over the past two years. As a result, I believe I am primed to lead a group of engineers during a project or assignment, if the opportunity would ever present itself. To help prepare me for a career after graduation, I deem the facilities at the University of Illinois unmatched by any other college I have visited. The laboratories are outfitted with features needed to let aerospace engineers get acquainted with the technology they might use during a career at Lockheed Martin, Boeing, or NASA. With these features mixed with the outstanding teachings of the aerospace faculty, my drive to become an aerospace engineer will flourish, and I will be a dedicated member of the University of Illinois Aerospace Engineering Department....
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