Poli Courts Discussion

Poli Courts Discussion - possibly ways to view supreme...

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Poli Discussion - The courts 18:09 Power of the courts held in Article 3 Section 1- established supreme court, gives power o Judges appointed for life Section 2- jurisdiction areas o What the court can look at All cases of law and equity under constitution “cases…. Arising under constitution” o courts are independent not sued by external influences partisan lines they don’t necessary ANSWER to the people they’re insolated by the electoral college  their salaries cannot be diminished congress can’t shift the way their paid as punishment  lifetime appointment  judicial review not found in the constitution  asserted in marbury v Madison 
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Unformatted text preview: possibly ways to view supreme court • on the one hand, this is a spectrum o this is the constitution- here’s the words. Lets STICK TO THESE WORDS. This type of person wouldn’t believe in judicial review Restraint and activism • If public opinion changes, doesn’t mean we have to interpret the constitution differently • Activism- moving from text of the constitution to the social implications o Point of view of a judge from roe v wade: Controversial decision ideology • court making decisions that can change the way society is like o they don’t exactly REPRESENT THE PEOPLE. 18:09 18:09...
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  • Spring '09
  • judicial review Restraint, n’t necessary ANSWER, Controversial decision  ideology, public opinion changes

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Poli Courts Discussion - possibly ways to view supreme...

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