"the economic problem"

"the economic problem" - Discussion October 27th...

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Discussion – October 27 th , 2010 Heilbroner, Milberg “The Economic Problem” What they’re saying: Production and distribution Allocation of effort Have to have an economic system that seperates our efforts, to produce things that we need. Three systems that can accomplish this: Traditional, command, market All economic systems follow either one of these three, or all of these three Traditional - based on jobs being passed down. You inherit your job from your parents, if you’re a male your dad did this, you do that. Vise versa for females. Methods of production: hereditary chain ensures the skills that will be passed along. We don’t try new methods, based off historical trial and error. There is no progress, by its very nature… it’s against progress. Traditional societies structure dictate against change. (their religious and political structures) The problem is that they tend to live on the edge of disaster. Everything is fine if you live in a safe environment. The second the crops change, or
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"the economic problem" - Discussion October 27th...

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