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Notes we did not cover for Robert Kaplan, “Was Democracy Just a Moment?” We talked about what makes a democracy successful and how there are so many aspects to it. Kaplan’s point related to this issue was that given the complexity of setting up and running a democracy, most societies in the underdeveloped world are not ready (and may never be) to implement one. Efforts to do so have led to war and brutal dictatorships that tend to support one ethnic or tribal group over all others, which generally leads to more violence from the marginalized group. Rather than democracy, Kaplan says that so-called “hybrid regimes” are the wave of the future in the underdeveloped world. These regimes combine the façade (appearance) of democracy with an authoritarian (dictatorial) reality. Countries with hybrid regimes have constitutions, voting right, and laws that supposedly protect individual freedom. In practice, however, the constitutions and individual rights are meaningless, since most
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