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Exam One Review

Exam One Review - by Fabio Rojas What makes them important...

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BLST 1 Fall 2009 Review Sheet for Exam One Identifications are terms that you must define, give an example and delineate the significance of in a few sentences. I will ask you to choose 3. Where appropriate, you must refer to the reading from which the term comes : Double consciousness Abolition Democracy Exodus Hegemony Black Feminist Intellectual Traditions Reparations Managed Consent Short Answer : Two paragraphs, at most, will suffice for these; please refer to the reading where appropriate. I will choose four or five and ask you to answer all of them; please give an example where appropriate. 1. Why is self-definition an important theme in Black Feminist Thought? 2. What are the five major components of Black conservatism, as argued by Christopher Alan Bracey? 3. Was Booker T. Washington a sellout, according to Bracey? Why or why not? 4. How and why does Black Feminist Thought constitute a Critical social theory? 5. What are the three conditions that gave rise to the development of Black Studies, as outlined
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Unformatted text preview: by Fabio Rojas? What makes them important, in his view? 6. Briefly outline the development of Black Studies at San Francisco State University. 7. What trans-historical connections can we make between Frederick Douglass’ address and Mumia Abu-Jamal’s story and echo of Douglass’ treatise? 8. What was the particular vision of equality and social justice articulated by Ella Baker? 9. What was the particular vision of freedom articulated by the reparations movement? 10. What is Martin Luther King’s main argument in his “Beyond Vietnam” speech? 11. Robin Kelley argues that som has held a trans-historical appeal for Black Americans. Why? Section Three of the Exam will be a short essay. To prepare, please consider examples of trans-racial and international solidarity that have been used by aggrieved groups to fight for social justice....
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