BLST midterm review

BLST midterm review - TERMS 1 Hegemony domination of one...

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TERMS 1. Hegemony ideological means use subtle coercion to subdue people, not physical, more of an implied set of ideals that people subconsciously adopt because of its prevalence Ex: Barbie, BET 2. Managed Consent – people become so brainwashed that they agree w/ the hegemonic ideals & unquestionably accept/adopt them as their own; hegemonic order manages peoples’ consent Ex: gender roles, racial stereotypes 3. Double Consciousness – two warring concepts of the self African and American, separate but united in one dark body, how can you be African and be American when Africans are not accepted in American society W. E. B. Du Bois (“Of Our Spiritual Strivings”), black women, homosexuals, etc. 4. Abolition Democracy – full freedom, not just nominal or “on paper,” Blacks still have no power/rights; Blacks have only been voting since 1965 Ex: Emancipation Proclamation; Du Bois (“Black Reconstruction”) 5. Black Feminist Intellectual Tradition – critical social theory, criticizes stereotypes of black manhood; social thought designed to oppose all forms of oppression; different modes Hill-Collins (“Black Feminist Thought”) activists? 6. Exodus – idea that Black people should have a mass exodus out of the US to
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rediscover their heritage in Africa or establish a separate independent nation where they could be free to express themselves and have equal rights under their own gov’t Kelley (“Freedom Dreams”) Garvey 7. Reparations – Black people wanted reparations in form of money or land from their ancestors who were slaves; “40 acres & a mule,” idea of social justice, reconciliation; wanted to eliminate institutional racism Kelley (“Freedom Dreams”) activists/organizations? SHORT ANSWER 1. Why is self-definition an important theme in Black Feminist Thought? Black women need to define themselves because there are so many erroneous stereotypes
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BLST midterm review - TERMS 1 Hegemony domination of one...

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