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Where do elements lighter than iron come from? Where do elements heavier than iron come from? What are the processes involved? What do I mean by nuclear stability? How does this relate to life on Earth? What is meant by density stratification? How did the Earth become density stratified? How does this relate to the oceans? What are the densities of material in each zone of the Earth? How were the atmosphere and ocean formed on Earth? Where did the material come from? What process was involved? What do we know about the origin and early evolution of life on Earth? Did it happen in the ocean? What is the likely long-term fate of the Earth and Sun? What are some of the local sediment features? How are heat and temperature related for a pure liquid, a pure solid or a pure gas? What is meant by SENSIBLE heat?
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Unformatted text preview: How does energy relate to phase changes? What is meant by LATENT heat? Can energy be released from a phase change? Hint: Be able to work problems like those from lecture. How are temperature, density and phase related for pure water? For seawater? Why do they behave differently? How does water impact or modify Earth’s climate? Local temperature? What is ocean acidification? What chemical reactions are involved? How are carbon dioxide, carbonic acid, bicarbonate, carbonate and calcium carbonate related chemically? What are the chemical reactions that convert one to another? What is the ITCZ and where does it meander to? Why? What does this have to do with the distribution of incoming radiation? What is the FLIP and how does it relate to ocean currents?...
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