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PSY 102: Psychology in the Modern World Your Name: Instructor: Bob Melara Your Section: FALL 2010 Your TA’s Name: ** Answer the questions in your own words , Type your answers, make sure you answer all parts, print the answered homework and take it with you to your next recitation! Only the two lowest homework grades can be dropped ** Homework #12 (Memory) 1. a) Define memory, and b) explain how flashbulb memories differ from other memories. 2. a) What is the difference between iconic memory and echoic memory? b) What is the difference between short-term memory and working memory? c) Describe the capacity and duration of short-term memory and long-term memory? 3. a) What are the benefits of visual, acoustic, and semantic encoding? b) Give an instance where each one might be the optimal method of encoding. c) Discuss the synaptic changes that accompany memory formation and storage.
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Unformatted text preview: 4. Our tendency to recall the high points of pleasurable events such as family vacations illustrates the phenomenon of ____________________ _________________. 5. The tendency to remember the first and last items in a list best is called the __________ ______________ _____________. Following a delay, first items are remembered ________________ (better/less well) than last items. 6. The best retrieval cues come from the associations formed at the time we ____________________ a memory. 7. In some cases, old information facilitates our learning of new information. This is called. ________________ ____________. 8. The persistence of a memory _____________ (does/does not) reveal whether or not it derives from an actual experience. Whereas real memories have more __________________, gist memories are more ______________....
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